Tactical Aura


Aura Lockhaven, the Scarlet Battle Mage.

This image was an entry in the Tactical Heroine Artjam Challenge on DeviantArt. The idea is that superheroines usually wear tight and sometimes revealing garments that facilitate movement and dexterity. But what if they wore body armor? Several people tagged me and wanted to see Aura Lockhaven in tactical gear.

That required some thought. Aura is an 11th century spellcaster, not a 21st century superheroine. Her usual skimpy attire isn’t just cute and sexy. It’s practical. It allows maximum speed, maneuverability, and movement in battle, so she can dart from place to place in her roles as medium range incendiary artillery, healer of the wounded, and counsel to generals. It also comes in handy when she’s tapped to negotiate with the enemy and can pour out the seductive power of an enchantress. It’s a heck of a lot more practical than the elegant, flowing gowns worn by so many other women spellcasters. Those gorgeous angelwing sleeves are prone to finding candle flames, and the hands of orcs. So, what kind of tactical gear would Aura wear? Cloth absorbs magical energy, and metal repels it. However, the right combination can serve as a funnel, channeling her energy to her hands. Given all Aura’s needs in a combat situation, the light-weight armor of an archer seemed best suited for her, instead of the heavy plate of sword or cavalry. Scarlet, of course. A few blades were in order, too.

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