The Lockhaven Family Tree


Color Key

Rust: The Family Founder

Blue: Lockhavens by birth

Purple: Lockhavens of Hartshorn

Peach: Women who married into the family (although not all “married”)

Yellow: Our Heroine!

The Locchaefen: You already met him here — The Lock on the Haven. While he never married, he had between five and twenty-five different paramours, depending on the bawdiness of the bard singing the song. Aura splits the difference and gives him fifteen. Those were known long-term lovers, not weekend trysts, of which he probably had hundreds. At 6’8”, in a time when most men were 5’4”, who is going to accuse him of fornication?

Ardo of Locchaefen: The one known son of the Locchaefen and his favorite mistress. It is known because the giant warrior claimed the boy publicly. When the Locchaefen vanished, he left his axe and name to Ardo. Not as tall or as formidable as his father, he became constable of Vine Haven. When the Skols launched a massive invasion in the year 882, Ardo stood at the gate like his father had. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite his father and lost his left arm in the battle. The Skols smashed Vine Haven’s defenses, sailing up the River Gourdvine to the tiny hamlet of Harthsorn. From there, they established their own kingdom in the heart of the middle of Ayrdland.

Ardo blamed himself for the Skol’s success. Over the next few years, he grew angry with the Vine Haven elders who refused to rebuild their defenses to stop further Skol ships from arriving. He also grew horrified that the king pursued a policy of appeasement instead of going to war against invaders. Disgusted, he decided to do something about it. He and his family formed a small arm of partisans and began attacking the Skol flanks. They achieved more for tavern singers than they did anything military, but at least they harried the Skols enough to stop their advance. Ardo’s wife and two of their sons died in the fighting.

Ardstan Lockhaven: He inherited the Locchaefen axe when his elder brother fell. When the new king, Elbert the Surprised, attacked the Skols, Ardstan was at the front. He personally destroyed the gates of the Skol capital, Morningstar, permitting Edward’s army to slaughter the invaders and end their encroachment. After the war, Ardstan took the name Locchaefen as his formal surname, and modernized the spelling. Like his brothers, he was too serious about his duty to Ayrdland to marry. After peace came to the country, at the age of 40, he married the 18 year old Hilda Spaeth.

Havestan Lockhaven: One of two black sheep in the Lockhaven family. He inherited the Locchaefen’s fondness for wenching. Unfortunately, it caught up to him early. He impregnated the thegn’s daughter. At age 17, he found himself the husband of a disinherited noblewoman, a father, and living under the cloud of scandal. Nevertheless, he provided well for his wife and only child. No one knew where the gold came from, considering he was seldom home. Then, in 931, he just disappeared. Years later, his father learned that Havestan was a soldier of fortune, with a highly regarded reputation. Ironically enough, he died protecting his own brother-in-law, the new thegn, from an assassin.

Grimwald Lockhaven: He grew up without a father. His mother, a noblewoman, taught him to be a scholar and a lover of fine things. He opened a tavern where he could professionally pursue the conversation he enjoyed. It provided a modest income for a modest man who wanted a modest life.

Grimstan Lockhaven: The youngest of Grimwald’s three sons, he worked in the tavern with his father. The elder two brothers were sailors, eventually owning their own fleets of merchantmen. His beloved wife Kadlyn died all too young, leaving him with two young sons and a broken heart. Unable to bear living in the city where she walked, he said goodbye to his parents, took his boys, and left town. Grimwald gave him the axe to remind him of home. Grimstan sailed up the River Gourdvine as far as he could, disembarking at the village of Hartshorn. There, he built his own tavern. It provided a tidy income and a nice life.

Grimchester Lockhaven: He was to commerce what his ancestor had been to war. When he took over the tavern, he tripled its size and set out to make the best ale known to man. Within a decade, he was the wealthiest man in Hartshorn. Friends said he had more gold than common sense, because he kept giving it away, mostly to civic improvements. He is credited with singlehandedly transforming the sleepy village into the most important town in the Midlands. He financed the construction of three of the four wharves, making Hartshorn a major riverport.

Garwulf Lockhaven: The other black sheep. He was a wanderer, and seldom in town, unless it was to borrow gold from his brother or seduce the local women. He was knifed to death in a brothel on the southern coast. Grimchester spent considerable time and coin to bring him home for burial. It was often rumored that Garwulf had a wife and children in Welcaster. Grimchester searched for them, but with no success.

Henry Lockhaven: Aura’s father.

Cedric Lockhaven: Yes, that Cedric.

Aura Lockhaven: I don’t need to explain this one, do I?

As you can see, there are other Lockhavens. Besides that scoundrel Cedric. Most are clustered in Vine Haven. Aura has cousins she never met. If the rumors are true, she has even closer kin in Welcaster, through Garwulf.

Lockhavens tend to run to boys, with the exceptions being Henry and Ardstan. No one knows how many daughters the Locchaefen had. It is believed he had at least one, whose memory lives in the family, if only as a flicker. Henry told Aura once that he heard that while the Locchaefen had a favorite son (Ardo), he also had a favorite daughter, a Daddy’s Little Girl. But he never heard her name. One can only imagine!

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