The Sorcerer’s Captive, Aftermath

After Elisabeth and Miriam rescued Aura from the clutches of the sorcerer Vincent Faller, they talked between themselves. Someone should remain with the shaken enchantress for a few weeks. Both were formidable, and both quite capable of cold blooded murder. Both were loyal to Aura and sworn as her sisters. However, Miriam could attack from a distance. By casting speed charms on the air around herself, she could dance so fast as to appear invisible. That made her the obvious choice.

Miriam had the heightened intuition of a seasoned enchantress. She knew her job would be more than just guarding Aura from another attempt by Faller. In fact, the sorcerer was not even a concern. He fled the shire. Aura was her concern. The young woman had faced one of her greatest fears, and almost died in the process.

Aura wanted to stay bolted up in her house with the shutters closed. Miriam had none of that. She knew what Aura needed. So, she dragged her outside, into nature. Then, she made Aura get natural. Finally, she led Aura into dancing through the woods behind the house. Within an hour, Aura had forgotten all about the ordeal.

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