The Stages of Aura’s Life


The “Princess” — From birth to age 10. The youngest child of Hartshorn’s favorite citizen, Henry Lockhaven, everyone doted on Aura. The child often drifted into shops unannounced to discuss her most recent dream or some outlandish idea she had.

The Urchin — From age 10 until age 12. For two solid years, Aura lived as a beggar on the streets. While most people would gladly have taken her in, they were intimidated by her cruel uncle’s money and power. She lived in a barrel and begged for scraps.

The Apprentice — From age 12 until 21. Unsure of herself, haunted by nightmares, terrified of being alone, she still absorbed everything the wizard Sagacius would teach her. She was quite happy living in his shadow.

The Wizardess — Age 21. A position Aura held for a mere month. Lacking confidence in herself and believing she was unlovable and ugly, she still set out to be the spellcaster for Hartshorn. Overnight, she became known as the “Healer of Hartshorn” for saving the lives of a farm boy gored by a bull and the town priest from a fatal heart attack. It wasn’t enough. She wanted more power to help more people.

The Enchantress — From Age 22. This is how Aura will always see herself. She prefers the term Enchantress, someone who empowers her magic with her feelings. Her confidence in herself as a magician and a woman has soared. She finally recognizes that she is beautiful. Her power amazes her. However, she is still an initiated Wizardess. Her knowledge of nature magic and counseling makes her more flexible, and employable, that just a mere Enchantress. She would be happy serving her town on the River Gourdvine for the rest of her life. But destiny had something else in mind.

The Warrior — From Age 24. Called upon by Thegns, Eorls, and the King’s Daughter, Aura can no longer remain isolated within her town. She is more than just the Healer of Hartshorn now. As one of the few practicing Enchantresses at large, she must go where the defenseless live, often placing herself between them and the evil that seeks to destroy them. She has gained a national profile, for better and for worse.

The Chancellor — Age 33. Considering that Aura is wildly different in her outlook and practice from the rest of her order, she may find herself elected chancellor in her thirties. Her determination to help others has invigorated a dying order, and given them a new purpose. Chancellor isn’t a position Aura would want. But she would do her duty and bear the burden of responsibility.

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