Play Fair

A table full of barbarians. Those five half-naked rubes from the forests of the east looked like easy pickings to Jack and Tyff. Barbarians thought only of weapons, beer, and sex, and paid little attention to the speed of a professional gambler’s hands. So, the partners in hustle took off their shirts to look a little less like the other civilized folk in the tavern, and joined the group. The leather-clad woman liked Jack’s muscles. Jack smiled. He might get lucky somewhere other than just the table. Soon, Tyff broke out the cards and the coin. Everything went well for the duo, until Jack’s arrogance got the best of him. He cheated, throwing down a card that she just happened to also have in her hand. He found out fast that barbarians demand the same honor at the playing table that they do on the battlefield. Jack’s luck just fled. He will play fair from now on, if he survives the night.

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