Rat Hunt

Henry Lockhaven continues the tale for his delighted daughter, Aura …

There were seven of them, you know. The Sarethian Seven, they were called. Each one more beautiful and deadly than the others, if you lined them up that way. Oh, I could tell you blood curdling tales … but that’s for another night. Anyway, the other three, Noishante, Coravanne, and Enorra, returned to the palace to hear that their sisters Iryndelle, Lunambyra, Tannerra, and Yveramore had thwarted the assassination of Queen Theda. They missed all the fun. They were most put out!

Not to be denied their share of the action, they left their sisters to comfort the still shaking queen. Noishante, Coravanne, and Enorra set out to find Mustelon, the larcenous captain of the guards, who fled when Varman fell to Iryndelle’s sword. The city of Tasara was beautiful that morning, but the ladies didn’t notice. They hunted a rat! Like the others, they had become fond of the young queen and took their jobs as auxiliary guard seriously. In the mood they were in, it would have been more merciful if Mustelon just hanged himself. Even the palace animals wanted to help the trio catch this sniveling rodent.

“I think that raven is trying to tell us something,” Noishante said.

“I know the cat is. He’s been ahead of us all morning,” Enorra said.

“Remember what old Ivynn said about ravens? They are sent by Heittan as messengers. Cats excel at finding vermin,” Coravanne said. “Mustelon is close!”

“Is that what the smell is? I thought it was the latrine!” Noishante said.

Sensing Mustelon lurked just around the corner, the trio gathered their wills and their steel. Not much remained after Noishante, Coravanne, and Enorra finished with Mustelon, I assure you.

The Seven woke up that morning as barbarian mercenaries. They went to bed that night as counselors to the queen of Phrathia.

Now, go to sleep, little princess, and dream of high adventure!

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