The Chamber

When the sorceress Tothara abducted Prince Nigel, the king sent for Pynylope. Trained by both her warrior father and witch mother, she was an expert at fighting evil. Pynylope had heard of Tothara, so she expected the worst form of villainy when she burst into the sorceress’ chamber. She did not expect this! Everyone knew that armor and those twin swords. They belonged to Lord Egar Baarl, the most ferocious warrior in the kingdom. The Lord of Wrath vanished a year ago, and seeing his skeletal form, Pynylope knew what happened to him. Alive, Baarl had been difficult enough to defeat. As a wraith controlled by the malignant intent of Tothara, he may just prove impossible. Pynylope empowered her sword and shield, and waited within the light of the chamber’s lone window for him to attack. Nigel, chained to the wall, no doubt faced the same fate as the dead lord. Pynylope was damned if that would happen to the crown prince, much less herself.

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