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    My Art Galleries!

    Welcome to the Smithsonian Institute … er, Nathanomir’s Cauldron.

    These are my private art galleries. Well, they ain’t so private now that you’re here. And that’s the whole idea. They’re only fun if they’re shared.

    These have existed for over a year, but have been pretty much dormant. When you have galleries, they need to be maintained. So, I’ve been upgrading, updating, and uploading. I’m dreaming in CSS code now.

    Given the Purity League’s rampage on DeviantArt, the obvious collusion of the Mods with said Purity League, and the impending Day of Doom called Eclipse, I thought it was a good idea to bring these up to date. Besides, I like them.

    Here they are!

    All the galleries are linked to this main blog hub. The links are to the right, and are fixed in that location. Just click on the image to go to the gallery. The galleries open in new tabs.

    The galleries are:

    Aura Lockhaven’s Art Gallery: the best of Aura art, including her friends.

    Aura Lockhaven Shorts: short stories and comics featuring Aura.

    Valkyria, the Comic: this is self-explanatory.

    Valkyria Art Gallery: the best art of Katie, Stephanie, and Jessica.

    Valkyria Shorts: short stories and comics featuring the Ashe Girls.

    The Enchantress and the Warrior: the on-going Aura and Viona crossover story.

    Fantastical Visions: pretty much everything that isn’t Aura and the Ashe Girls. Fantasy, science-fiction, horror, erotica, etc.

    What you will see in the galleries: Going forward I will post a few things here that I don’t on DA. That is simply to maintain interest in them. You will also see things that I cannot post on DA. Yep, I can get hardcore sexual when I want. Maybe I will want. I hope to post a few images that you haven’t seen yet, but just didn’t get to that. The disadvantage of only one computer.

    What you will not see in the galleries: Your characters. Viona is the only OC that I will post outside DA. Akizz gave me permission because The Enchantress and the Warrior requires some non-DA compliant moments. But I don’t have anyone else’s permission. It is unethical for me to post your characters off DA without your express permission. Right now, there’s no reason to do that. If Eclipse becomes the Reign of Terror some of us fear, we may get together and talk about off-DA options. I could set up a Original Characters Art Gallery in a day. Hey, after this, it’s routine. Those of us with blogs and art galleries could also set up an old-fashioned 90s era webring, linking us together. That isn’t an optimal form of community, but it does keep us in touch.

    You also won’t find a gallery for Andromeda. I really haven’t done enough with her to warrant a gallery yet.

    Which brings me to an interesting discovery. In setting these up, I found that I treat Aura as she deserves. She gets a fair share of serious action scenes and stories, and quality pinups, as well as the jokes and DA artjams. I can’t say the same of the Ashe Girls. They have been treated deplorably! Mostly they appear in pinups, jokes, and other images that I don’t consider worthy of an art gallery. Only occasionally do I show what Katie can do, and I’ve never really displayed Steph’s power or Jessie’s capabilities. They’re crimefighters. Let them fight crime, darnit! That will change now that I’m aware of it.

    It’s also been a year since I made a fantasy image, and that is my primary genre! That is something else that will change.

    There are numerous disadvantages to having these galleries.

    1. People can’t find them. You didn’t know they were here until I told you. Hey, I can code and design a website. I don’t know bo diddly squat about SEO. I’m in Engineering and SEO is Marketing, and the two departments don’t talk to each other.

    2. Comment notifications are a pain. I get email notifications for each comment. That could flood my inbox. I don’t know if you get notifications when I respond.

    3. People can’t tell when I post something new. Not that I know.

    4. They’re scattered. Even with this hub, the galleries are not all in the same place. You can’t just cruise from one to the other.

    5. There is no community presence. It’s just me.

    Gee. That sounds an awful lot like DA Eclipse! Considering that Eclipse is about to dump all those disadvantages upon us in DeviantArt, suddenly the advantages roar to the top.

    1. I get to post what I want to post. If I want to post nudity, I shall. If I feel like posting hardcore sex, I shall. No Mod to say nay. I am the Mod!

    2. My site. My money. MY DAMN TOS! I pay in a month for this server what I pay for three on DA for Core. My server host is more interested in profits than in satisfying the sensitivities of PC-SJWs trying to create safe space for special sneauxflakes. I’m not the only one on this host server with “adult proclivities” either. There are nude photographers, probably some adult comic artists, and sex toy shops. If this server goes PC, then the USA is no longer the bastion of liberty and freedom. So, this correlates with number one. I post what I want.

    3. I have more control over how it looks. The galleries aren’t perfect by any means, but the thumbnails are a decent size, they’re more organized, and the background isn’t black. There are still tweaks to make, but right now, everything is functional. Just because I know CSS doesn’t mean I can find the specific line among 2000 to change the background color or font size of a widget. But I’m still hunting. Better still, I can hunt and change it once I find it in the code.

    So, keep checking back, guys and gals. I will certainly let you know in a DA Status Report when I’ve posted something new over here. The blog itself will be updated when I have something to say about art, writing, DAZ, or why beer is never a good thing to feed your keyboard.

    I just realized that the banner features a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead on each side of my name. It’s good to be me!