Katie for Website

Name: Catherine Roberta “Katie” Ashe                   

Nickname: The Electric Grape

Hometown: Parthenon, Pennsylvania, USA

Age: 23

Height: 5′ 9″  (5′ 0″ as “Little Katie”)

Weight: 155 lbs. (85 lbs. as “Little Katie”)

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Hair: Blonde

Figure: 36F-23-36 (28AA-20-28 as “Little Katie”)

Occupation: Comic writer and illustrator, short order cook, the superheroine Valkyria




Powers: She was transformed into a Valkyrie by the goddess Freyja. Possesses tremendous strength, speed, and senses. Invulnerable to bladed and pointed weapons, as well as fire and extreme cold. Bones are nearly unbreakable, and she heals rapidly from most injuries.

Lift: 50,000 pounds     Impact Force:  250,000 pounds     Speed: 250 MPH          Jump: 100 feet level, 50 feet up

Eyesight: 20/2 (that of an eagle)       Hearing: 150 Hz (that of a cat)       Smell: 3 parts per trillion (that of a wolf)

Other: Katie can communicate with cats. They form her spy network. Her Uncle Bob is a detective working on organized crime, so she has insider knowledge of criminal behavior and activities.

Weaknesses: Katie’s libido is ten times normal. She is susceptible to seduction. Like any other mortal, Katie is vulnerable to bullets, explosions, electricity, chemicals, radiation, lasers, and most diseases. She is unable to break ropes or chains without room to build momentum. At the moment, she is clumsy, clueless, and inexperienced. She still suffers from bouts of fear left over from twenty-three years as a heart patient. Katie is also discovering that the world does not behave like a comic book.



Website- Little KatieKatie was born four months premature after her mother was in a terrible automobile accident. She grew up stunted and only half her heart worked. Twelve surgeries later, the young woman still stood at death’s door. Denied a normal childhood and teen years, Katie turned inward. Superhero comic books became her world, her way of living vicariously through those with powerful bodies. The granddaughter, daughter, and niece of cops, Katie had a natural desire to protect her city. Unable to do so with her body, she decided to do so with her mind and hands. Wanting to “prove that the good guys can win,” she she set out to write and draw comics. Katie majored in art at Parthenon State University.

Katie writes and draws several comics that she posts online. The most successful is Beastlygal, which maintains a small cult following. It is a parody of, and tribute to, her second favorite character, Cavewoman. Wonder Woman is her first. So far, her comics pay nothing. To feed herself, afford her dive of an apartment, and buy ink, she works as a cook at Harry’s Hippie Burgers. Katie is the quintessential starving artist, and is flat broke.






Website- KatieOn Friday, October 13, 2017, Katie performed an act of kindness for a random old homeless woman. That woman was the goddess Freyja in disguise. In gratitude for Katie’s overt kindness, and to ensure that someone of Katie’s goodness lived, Freyja healed Katie’s heart and gave her a body to match her desires. She transformed Katie into a modern day Valkyrie.

Taking the name Valkyria, and wearing her mother’s old Halloween costume, Katie set out to become Parthenon’s first superheroine. She patrols Parthenon, opposing the mobsters and monsters that have turned the once cultural capital of the Mid-Atlantic into a mire of malaise. Sometimes she causes more damage than she does good. Her reflexes have not caught up to her tremendous strength and speed. Hearing the neighbors through the walls is driving her insane. Worst of all, the real world does not behave like it does in a comic book. Things go wrong. Criminals shoot at her, and don’t always miss. People, cars, and telephone poles get in the way. She is slowly growing into the role, and eventually, will attract her share of supervillains.

Katie has a black and white view of the world. She draws a distinct line between good and evil, best summed up by, “Evil is harming other people for fun or profit. Good people don’t do that. It’s that simple.” That doesn’t mean she won’t harm someone to protect someone else, or harm those who have harmed others. But they asked for it.

Katie’s disguise works backwards from most superheroes in comic books. The 155 pound, tall, voluptuous powerhouse is her natural appearance now. Frejya charmed Katie’s high school ring with a reverse glamour spell. When she wears the ring, she reverts to her pre-transformation self, known as “Little Katie,” minus the horrendous scar on her chest. As “Little Katie” she wears glasses with false lenses (as Freyja told her, no one would believe that a starving artist could afford Lasik), but is still just as strong and fast as her superheroine form. Part of her disguise is remembering to act sick when she’s “Little Katie.” In full form, she has to remind herself not to recognize anyone.