Hippie Harry


Hippie HarryThe owner of Harry’s Hippie Burgers, and Katie’s boss. He is a genuine hippie, although he is only 49 years old. He was conceived at Woodstock while Jimmy Hendrix played, making him a bit of an icon among his peers. Despite being under a perpetual cloud of marijuana smoke, or perhaps because of it, Harry is as kind as they come. He dotes on Katie because her father was his best friend. His burgers are huge, and famous throughout Parthenon for flavor. Harry does have a last name, when he remembers it.









FreyjaFreyja, the Norse goddess of love, is directly responsible for Katie’s life today. She saved Katie after she suffered a fatal heart attack, and transformed her into a Valkyrie. Freyja maintains a distant, but always on call, relationship with Katie. She trusts her to do the right thing, even though she will make plenty of mistakes. Freyja flat refuses to rescue her, though, believing that deux-ex-machina is the worst cliche’ of all.








Jarred Graves


Jared GravesJarred is a genius of electronics. When he pursued his MS in electrical engineering, he had to take a class outside his major. He chose drawing, thinking it would improve his drafting skills. There, he met sophomore Katie Ashe. The two became close friends and geeks-in-arms. They still meet once a month for a pizza and movie night. Jarred keeps Katie stocked up on current electronics, since her step-father won’t. All too serious, Jarred transforms into a little boy around a computer or stereo, and don’t get him in the workshop tinkering on a new gadget. Katie is one of the few who can make him laugh. He has always had a mild crush on Katie. Wait until he sees how she looks now!






Amanda Darkmoon


Amanda DarkmoonWhen Freyja transformed Katie into a Valkyrie, she presented the young woman with an existential crisis. Katie was an agnostic. She didn’t know if she believed in the God of her Methodist upbringing, much less pagan goddesses. Yet, one of those very pagan goddesses had not only saved her life, but given her a new one. Katie turned to the only source of help she could think of, a pagan high priestess. Lady Amanda Darkmoon is Parthenon’s most famous witch. She is a Wiccan high priestess, runs a coven, hosts a popular podcast, operates the metaphysical shop Goddess Gems, and is Parthenon Police Department’s expert-on-call for all things occult. She has a great working relationship with Lt. Ashe, and they are on a first name basis. When Katie visited Amanda, the priestess immediately detected Freyja’s presence on the young woman, and volunteered to help her any way she could.