A Valkyria Halloween

“This isn’t fair! We’re heroes. We saved the city. We don’t deserve to be eaten by ghouls in the cemetery,” Katie said to her sister, Stephanie. She panted for breath. For the first time since she became the superheroine Valkyria, she was spent. Her muscles ached, as if she had no power at all.

“How do we kill these guys, Katie?” Stephanie asked. The young telepath was exhausted from firing psionic blasts and telekinetic attacks. The ghouls still approached. “They’re already dead!”

“I don’t know, Steph. I’ve ripped their arms off. I’ve ripped their legs off. I’ve ripped their freaking heads off! They just reassemble themselves.” Katie looked at her cousin, Jessica, at her left. “Jessie! Please tell me you have an idea, besides take off all your clothes and do a hula.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Jessie said. She whipped a large paper sack from nowhere and held it out in front of her. “Look, kids! Candy bars!” The ghouls stopped in their tracks. They stared at Jessie, as if she just answered their most heartfelt prayers. “I have Snickers, Milky Way, and Three Musketeers. All full sized, too. Come get ‘em.”

The leader, who may have been a banker in life, approached cautiously. He peeked inside the sack, then up at Jessie, hope in his undead eyes. He no longer wanted to gnaw on young superheroine flesh, but on chocolatey goodness.

“Go ahead,” Jessie said. “Don’t be shy. Take what you want.”

Smiling, he reached inside for a Snickers.

“Oh, fill your fists! I have plenty,” Jessie said.

Grinning, the ghoul did as she said. Then, he nodded to his companions. Salivating, they swarmed around Jessie, grabbing as many candy bars as they could. Some kissed her on the cheek. When their hands and pockets were full, the ghouls danced and skipped to the mausoleum steps, where they gorged on chocolate, nougat, and peanuts.

Stephanie gaped at the contented ghouls, then stared at her cousin in disbelief. “You mean it’s that easy!”

Jessie chuckled. “This is why you two need your brunette cousin. Even a ghoul remembers the joys of being a child on Halloween night.”

Katie looked into the empty sack, and sighed. “I don’t suppose you have a spare Snickers stuffed into that cleavage.”

“Uh, huh,” Jessie said. “I saved three of each for us.”

Katie looked all over her cousin’s suit and didn’t see a single bulge or curve out of place. She wasn’t sure she wanted to know where Jessie had them stashed.

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