Free Fall

Sometimes, the only avenue of escape from a bomb explosion is out the window. That works well, when the window is on the ground level. When it’s on the 42nd floor of the Olympia Building, such a route is never optimal. It was, however, the only choice open for Valkyria, Whysper, and Strykana. Besides, the force of the blast had its own idea of hurling the Ashe Girls out into the air.

That was fine for Stephanie. She could levitate herself, lowering gently to the ground. Katie and Jessica turned into human cannonballs, plunging toward the pavement. Katie could compensate with her superpowered body. Jessie, however, was just an ordinary woman graced with extraordinary determination and a foul mouth. In less than a minute, Jessie would die.

Katie grabbed Jessie’s hand. She planned to flip herself under her cousin and let her own nearly indestructible body absorb the impact. Although, she had never fallen from more than seven stories before. She knew her bones would not break, but her abdomen could split open. It was a risk she was willing to take.

Steph had a different tactic. She locked her legs around Katie’s torso and began levitating. She could not levitate herself and carry another object, much less two adult women. At least, she hoped she could slow their fall, allowing them to limp away with only sprained ankles. She did slow their descent, but not enough. Jessie was still destined to be transformed into superheroine puree. They needed to cut their weight in half.

Hearing Steph’s thoughts, Katie shouted, “Steph! Drop me and grab Jessie. I’ll survive.”

“Are you crazy!” Steph yelled back. “You’ll suffer internal injuries and be unconscious for half an hour. You’ll be vulnerable to anyone who wants to take advantage of you.”

“I’ll heal. And no one will bother me, especially with you and Jessie to protect me. It’s the only way Jessie is going to live.”

“Shup up, Katie! I’m trying to concentrate. I can’t with you moving your lips.”

“Will you two bitches stop arguing!” Jessie screamed. “The sidewalk is getting closer! I’m about to have a facial of concrete bukkake!”

If Steph were only on the ground, she could levitate them both with relative ease. Then, she had an idea she never had before. What if she didn’t levitate herself. What if she levitated Katie instead? That was mere lift, a totally different form of telepathic force than then intricacies of self-propelled flight. As long as Katie held Jessie, and Steph rode Katie, they should all land without injury. Katie once said that with her new, large body, she felt like a huge target. Better for me, Steph thought. More to wrap brainwaves around. With that, she concentrated her powerful mind on all five feet nine inches and one hundred fifty pounds of her big sister.

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