In This Together

A shoutout to all First Responders. Obviously, I’m going to acknowledge my own superheroines Valkyria, Whysper, and Strykana. Don’t we wish scantily clad, well-endowed women who can lift cars with their bare hands existed? More than them, though, are the trio of First Responders without whom some of us wouldn’t be here (me included; the EMTs got me to the hospital before I bled to death): Firefighters, Paramedics, and the Police. Finally, a group that deserves more recognition than they get – Good Samaritans, represented by the doctor who rushed downstairs to help and by Whysper and Strykana themselves, who comfort the car driver and her child.

So, hats off to all First Responders! You Heroes, too. We’re all in this together. Some get paid for this (and not nearly enough). The rest of us don’t, and that’s fine. As a wise Jewish carpenter once said, “Love your neighbor.” Watch your neighbor’s back. Pick him up when he falls down. Take care of that stranger like you would want her to take care of you. If we all did that, this would be a beautiful planet.

For the record, our motorcyclist suffered a broken leg and some bruises. He will be fine.

Jessie fans may not recognize Strykana in such a gentle moment. She’s the bad Ashe Girl, but also the one from a broken home. Of the three, she wants to know a normal family. So, she gives some love to this child, if for only half an hour.

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