Lunch Time

As Valkyria, Parthenon’s first superheroine, Katie Ashe struck terror into the hearts of criminals throughout the city. In the innocent and good, she inspired other feelings. Now that her little sister Stephanie stands with her as the city’s second metahuman, that has doubled. So has the accidental calamity these two can cause. Even though they are that formidable, they still have to eat. Superpowers require super calories. Being good Parthenonians, and faithful protectors of their city, the Ashe sisters support the local economy by catching lunch from the many street vendors found downtown.

“Why don’t you drown that in mustard?” Katie asked, watching her sister practically empty the bottle onto her hot dog.

“Why don’t you bite me, Katie,” Stephanie muttered.

“I did that when you were four. This hot dog will taste better. And remember. When we’re in uniform, don’t say our real names.”

“Oh, right! Sorry! There’s so much to learn and remember.”

Katie giggled. “You should have seen me in my first week in this suit. I almost changed my name from Valkyria to Captain Clueless.”

Stephanie sighed. “I don’t even have a name yet.”

“If you spill mustard on that suit, I’ll call you Wiener. You already look like a hot dog.”

“Meanie head! I’d rather be the Atomic Strawberry than the Electric Grape. So, nnayh!”

Katie snorted. “I’m still older than you and my bra is still bigger than yours. So, nnayh back atcha.”

Stephanie looked at her sister’s chest and blinked. “What bra?”

= = =

Before Whysper was named Whysper.

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