Midnight Guardians

The city of Parthenon, Pennsylvania.


The second largest city in the Mid-Atlantic sleeps. Organized crime trembles in its patent leather shoes. She is out there. The Purple Vixen. The Electric Grape. The bane of all who would profit on misfortune.

Out of the night, when the full moon is bright, comes a heroine known as Valkyria.

Crime wonders how she knows where they are and what they are planning. Underneath their noses lurks the most massive spy network ever assembled. The city’s alley cats. Ignored by all, they see all, smell all, hear all, and know all. Within minutes, feral felines gather information of a criminal’s actions. It travels across the back streets, climbing walls, descending drain pipes, crossing interstates, maneuvering sewers, working its way toward the two cats who always stand beside Parthenon’s lone superheroine.

Milady, extortion on the 15000th block of Madison Avenue.

There is a distinct line between good and evil. Good does not harm another for fun or profit. It’s that simple. Thank you, Mugwort. Please extend my gratitude to whoever saw this.

I would, Milady, but Torbie was struck by a Cadillac minutes later.

His death was not in vain. Torbie shall be remembered!

With that, Valkyria swings into action.

Hell is coming for cannolis in the form of a superpowered blonde’s fists. That is, if the still clueless Valkyria doesn’t accidentally destroy the building beneath her feet first.

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