Sister Time

With the demands of three jobs – short order cook, comics artist, and superheroine – Katie did not see her little sister Stephanie as much as she wished. For her part, Steph was busy finishing her final year in high school as cheerleader, and very likely, valedictorian. So, Katie took three days off, put her pencils in a drawer, and figured that if Parthenon got along without her for twenty-three years, it could get along for seventy-two hours. Katie invited Stephanie to spend the weekend with her. Steph leapt at the chance to hang with her big sister.

On that fine Saturday morning, the sisters enjoyed the first day of swimming pool season. They worked on their tans, caught up with each other’s lives, and swam. Mostly, they enjoyed the scenery. Around noon, Steph grabbed Katie’s arm and pointed to a particularly fine specimen of the local wildlife.

“Look. At. Him,” Steph said.

Katie followed the direction of Steph’s finger to 200 pounds of muscle, capped by a beautiful smile and a charming face that reminded Katie of Clark Kent. Her enhanced libido roared into overdrive.

“I’m going for a swim,” she said.

“Oh, no, you’re not,” Steph snapped. “I know exactly what you’re planning. You’ll get out of the pool right in front of him. By the time you’re through talking, I’ll have to spend the night at your place alone. No! We’re going out for chow mein and a movie tonight. You promised.”

With a pout on her face and an ache deep inside, Katie slumped back in her chair. She grumbled, “Little sisters can be so frustrating, in more ways than one.”

= = =

Just before Stephanie began to make the transition into the concept of Whysper.

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