Amanda Darkmoon

Lady Amanda Darkmoon. She is a Wiccan high priestess, and owner of Goddess Gems and Books. She is also the on-call expert on the occult for Parthenon Police Department. Even the Organized Crime Department needs the help of an herbalist from time to time. While Bob Ashe has lab boys who can identify a poison, Amanda can identify the source. “Oleander? It’s only found in two places in the entire county. The Botanical Gardens and Alec Vandiver’s backyard.”

Amanda also serves as Katie’s spiritual mentor. When an agnostic has to acknowledge the existence of a real goddess, who else does she turn to?

Above all, Amanda is Bob’s girlfriend, if one can call a 36 year old woman a “girl.” They have a ten year professional relationship that turned into friendship which turned into romance. Amanda is now an official honorary Ashe Girl. Jessie let it slip that Amanda spends many nights in Bob’s bedroom. The whole family eagerly awaits the day they can drop the word “honorary.” Take a hint, Bob!

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