Ashe Family Tree


Blue represents Ashes by birth.
Peach represents women who married into the family.
Yellow represents our three heroines.

William Ashe immigrated from Birmingham, England, to bring his considerable knowledge of steel mill engineering to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Miles, Eugenia, and Albert were born in Birmingham, UK. Leonard and Claiborne were born in Pittsburgh, US.

Yes, Leonard robbed the cradle!

Clifford Ashe was killed at the Battle of the Bulge in World War Two.

Mary Groover died too young of cancer.

After service in the early stages of the Vietnam War, Robert Ashe relocated to Parthenon, where he joined the police force and established the family there.

Catherine Henderson is a full blooded Shawnee, and one of the first American Indian models. Post-transformation Katie looks astonishingly like she did in her early twenties, except for her hair and eye color. All blood Ashes have blue eyes.

Stephen died in the line of duty during a botched bank robbery turned hostage situation.

Barbara Toliver ran off with a gangster, and never contacted her family again. No one knows if she’s even still alive. That is the core of Jessie’s problems.

Katie is named for her father’s parents. Steph is named for her parents. Jessie … her mother was a whackjob. Teal?

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