Just Keep Walking

“Just keep walking,” Stephanie said as she began her second lap around the neighborhood, dragging her cousin next to her.

Jessica groaned and snapped, “I’m fine, dammit!”

“You’re feeling better. Your language is getting worse,” Steph said, snickering.

“Let me sit down!”


“I’m going to kill you, Twerp!”

Steph sighed. She knew something was wrong when she saw Jessie limping home after a night busting up a car theft ring. Not just limping, but walking bow-legged. Worried about her cousin, Steph drove over to Uncle Bob’s house. She found Jessie lying on the couch, naked, with a bag of frozen peas between her thighs. If the mechanic didn’t feel like rebuilding an engine, and had called in sick, then she was definitely injured. The youngest Ashe knew the signs, having done the same thing in eighth grade. “I didn’t tell you to try one of my air splits last night, Jessie.”

Jessie growled, “If you can do it, I can do it.”

“Aren’t we a little old for cousin rivalries?” Steph asked, vainly trying to control the urge to giggle. “You sprained your groin muscle and a stomach muscle. Look, Jessie. You’re in top physical shape, but I’m trained as a cheerleader. I placed first in state in the air split last year. It’s my signature move. Now, keep walking. It’s the best thing to do.”

“Fuck!” Jessie snarled.

“You won’t be doing that.”


“That won’t be comfortable, either.”

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