Sherman Jones.
Sports Illustrated called him the most beautiful gymnast who ever lived. Six gold and one silver medals at the Olympics proved their point.
Then, he was sprayed with enriched uranium. Instead of killing Sherman, the radiation mutated his rare second Y chromosome. Now, he has skin and muscles like rubber. If he was beautiful before, he’s perfect now.
Sherman loves his job. Both of them. By day, he’s a mathematics professor at Parthenon State University. He’s the professor the kids all want because he makes it make sense. Just don’t expect Dr. Jones to wear a fedora. By night, he’s Ricochet, Parthenon’s first superhero, and partner to Valkyria, Whysper, and Strykana. Those girls are like family to him. He’s bulletproof. With his knowledge of math, he can set himself up like a human pool trick shot and take down five gangsters with one bounce. Stopping is the problem.

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