The Other Ashe Family

Bob thought his two children were adults. Right now, he isn’t convinced.

Parthenon police lieutenant Robert Groover Ashe, Jr. To Katie and Stephanie, he’s Uncle Bob. To Jessica and Bobby (Robert III), he’s Dad.

When Bob graduated from Parthenon High School, he followed his big brother, father, and grandfather and joined the US Marines. Upon finishing his service, he continued to follow the Ashe tradition and joined the Parthenon Police Department.

2009 was a horrible year for him. First, his big brother Stephen was killed in the line of duty. But Stephen died a hero cop, saving the lives of fourteen hostages and two thieves in a bank robbery gone bad. Bob could live with that. He couldn’t live with his wife running off with another man, and a gangster at that. Worse, Barbara never looked back, never contacting Jessie or Bobby again. Finally, that was the year Zachariah Kane rose to power as Parthenon’s boss of bosses, transforming the city from the cultural capital of the Mid-Atlantic into a cesspool of organized crime.

Bob threw himself into work in the Organized Crime Bureau, becoming a workaholic, and an alcoholic. Jessica felt abandoned by both parents, and turned to self-destruction. Bobby chose a healthier outlet for his pain; school. He became a star wide receiver for the Gifford Pinchot High football team, and graduated with a 3.98 GPA. He was the first of two successive Ashes to be class valedictorian (Stephanie followed him the next year). Upon graduation, Bobby joined the Marines. It’s an Ashe family tradition. Distant from his father and sister, his relationship with them is more formal. Bob and Jessie are proud of him, though. It looks like Bobby is going career.

Fortunately, Bob sobered up (literally) when Jessie was a senior. He patched up his relationship with her, and now Jessie is the Daddy’s Girl she always wanted to be. Bob taught her jiu jitsu, helping her earn a black belt. He also taught her marksmanship and all the police skills she wanted to learn. As a result, Jessie is the best shot and best detective of the Ashe Girls.

Bob is a straight-arrow cop and a hero cop. Kane labeled him “untouchable” and not just because he can’t be bribed. He’s so good at what he does that Kane would just as soon not attract his attention. Even so, Bob started drinking again and was ready to quit the force in frustration. He could gather bulletproof evidence and build an ironclad case for the DA, only to watch the suspect walk on a “technicality.” The revolving door justice system, the result of lucrative mob money, almost broke him.

Then, this purple clad blonde miracle appeared. Somehow, Valkyria got ahold of a list of corrupt judges and sent it to the newspaper. Things turned around. His cases stick and mobsters go to prison. His life is so good now that he started dating. Finally. His love interest is Lady Amanda Darkmoon, Wiccan high priestess, consultant to PPD on all things occult, and Katie’s spiritual mentor. The rest of the family is overjoyed that Bob finally put Barbara in the past, where she belongs.

Bob is aware that his nieces are Valkyria and Whysper, and that his daughter is Strykana. He would love to tell Jessie to hang up the leotard and not put herself in any danger. But she’s good at her job. Besides, he has never seen her this happy.

Now, if she will just stop tickling her kid brother, they can have lunch.

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