Name: Michael Donner

Code Name: Thunder

Age: 37

Weight: 245

Height: 6’4”

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Nationality: American

Occupation: Mercenary

Michael Donner was a sergeant in the US Army Rangers. He was a good one, and highly decorated. He did two tours of Iraq, one of Afghanistan, and the rest of his record is highly classified. If Donner had one problem, it was boredom. He lived for the adrenaline rush of danger.

Donner heard of a Super Soldier project that wanted volunteers. It sounded like fun. So, he volunteered. The project failed miserably. No one was malformed, the serum simply didn’t work. Except on one volunteer: Donner. His strength increased five fold. So did his senses. His skin became resistant to bullets and explosives. More than that, his mind exponentially expanded. He became a master field tactician, capable of thinking far ahead of any opponent and making decisions on the fly.

The Army moved him to Black Ops. After three years of doing things no one talks about, he said “The hell with this. If I’m going to assassinate people, I want to get paid!” So, he left the Army and became a mercenary, named Thunder for the English meaning of his last name.

Thunder specializes in protection and neutralization. The greater the danger, the happier he is. And he’s expensive! He won’t budge for under one million dollars per job. He guarantees success, so he’s quite wealthy now. He works alone, and only takes orders directly from the client. All contracts are verbal to avoid a paper trail, and the client knows to pay him.

He does have ethics. He will not kill children for any reason. He only kills women who pose a direct threat to his client. He only kills animals that pose a direct threat to him. He only kills civilians if they get in his way. He does not smoke, won’t gamble, refuses medications including pain killers, permits himself one beer per week, and only has sex with prostitutes. They’re in it for the money like he is.

He also has a terrible weakness. Donner has a conscience. The super soldier project actually expanded it, too. He hates the way people hate each other. More than that, he hates the way the Earth is being destroyed. One day, he wants to wipe out humanity to save the planet. The next, he weeps over people. Some nights, he sits in his bar, drinking one beer, and threatening to become an ecoterrorist, or a Buddhist monk. Then, someone dangles money and excitement in front of his face.

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