Welcome to Valkyria’s News Page

November 24, 2017 Nathan Boutwell 0 Comments

Welcome to the place for news, updates, and comments about Katie Ashe, Valkyria, the Electric Grape.

Here I will post news about the comic and characters, background about their creation, updates about the comic and formatting, and anything else that just wants to fit. Until I settle on a good art gallery format, I’ll post Valkyria one off art and short stories here, too.

I disabled comments on the comic itself, to prevent the pages from becoming cluttered (assuming anyone wants to comment). However, it is always fun to talk with readers. So, here is your place. Feel free to comment about pages, storylines, characters, what you like, what you don’t like, where you think or hope the story is going, or just post fan mail to Katie. I just ask that you remain courteous and civil, and please respect Katie. She is a lady, but she can pack a powerful wallop.

Those of you who follow Katie on DeviantArt, I have a favor to ask. You have “insider information” about some characters. Please. No spoilers.

So, let’s have some fun!

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