The Adventures of Katie Ashe, Newbie Superheroine
I want to prove that the good guys can win.
Sticking my landings is a close second.
She's strong, fast, and determined. She's also clueless and clumsy.
Valkyria is the only superheroine the city of Parthenon, Pennsylvania, has.
She alone stands between criminals and monsters,
and the citizens of the city.
But is Parthenon ready for her
Valkyira is an adult superheroine comic for mature readers.
While often humorous, it contains nudity, foul language, bondage, peril, sexual situations, violence,
social commentary, bloodshed, occassional disturbing themes, and infrequent death.
Not on every page, mind you, but if a scene requires it, a scene gets it.
Reader discretion is advised.

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Story and Art by Nathan Boutwell.
Valkyria and Katie Ashe are copyright Nathan Boutwell and NJB Media.